KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

New Family of Munitions Lab, Pune



In early 2011, we won the commission to design a new Lab building for the Army at ARDE, Pune. This was a large campus and the NFM Facility was one of the first stand-alone facility planned for the campus. The earlier brief was to design the Laboratory as a courtyard building and the reference given to us was Charles Correa’s IUCAA. Almost 2 years later, when the design was complete and the project was in it’s tendering phase, the Army and it’s management in hindsight decided that the original brief of a spread-out courtyard type building was incorrect and we were asked to redesign the facility as a compact 2 storey structure so more fa can be accommodated on campus. So, we came up with a new design – a compact single loaded corridor structure to match the brief. The exuberance and experiential quality of the earlier design was sacrificed in order to make an efficient, compact and precise building plan.