KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

KSA Architects is a long standing alliance between fellow students and architects, Nemish Shah, Kumarpal Kothari and other associate designers, bringing together their diverse experiences in India and around the world. Since its inception the firm has been involved in various Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban projects all over the country. Depending on the project, the firm also collaborates with a wide variety of professionals and professional agencies specializing in specific design and technical fields.

Our broad range of expertise has led to a firm that specializes not in any particular building OR design typology or a particular aesthetic but one that is rooted in the needs and wishes of the client and the specific problem at hand. We strongly believe in design as being a collaborative process involving the client, the design team and the execution team in order to achieve the best and most appropriate solutions. The firm has been recognized for its innovative design skills along with its professionalism and efficiency, managing to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Our work is a continuous investigation of design and an effort to find the unknown freedoms that exist within the particular restrictions of each new and individual project. Each new project builds upon the understandings developed in the previous ones. But each project is also an independent project and no aesthetic, however dear to us is ever imposed on a project without understanding its appropriateness for that particular project.

Ultimately, our practice is grounded in simple but humanistic understanding of architecture – that the act of making things is a delight, that it is our job to make things beautiful (no matter what the definition of beauty is), and that the things we make have to work. But then we also know that rules, however exact, can never give exact answers to all questions and that there are no grand theories, in life or in architecture.

Besides the Architectural and Interior Design projects, Nemish Shah teaches Architectural Design Studio at Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture at Juhu, Mumbai, and occasionally, writes for Architectural Journals in India.