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Army Rowing Node - Phase 1, Pune



The Administration building is part of the first phase of the development for the International Rowing Channel being built at the Army Rowing Node, College of Military Engineering, Pune. The Building contains facilities required to run the training programme at the Army Rowing Node, within the College of Military Engineering, and until further development, also contains some additional training facilities of the rowing community on the ground level. The vast lobby on the ground floor makes it one of the largest, covered public spaces on the campus. The Upper floors contain offices for the staff / trainers / coaches as well as a seminar room and conference room, along with pantry / dining facilities. The terrace will act as an ideal vantage point for observing races on the channel, atleast until the proposed stadium comes up on the other side of the rowing channel. The building plan had to be almost symmetrical, a requirement of army thinking, left the architects with little choice in terms of the party to be used. This limitation though became the rallying point for subtle shifts seen throughout the plan and further led to the radical section that made the building completely transparent, through and through. Compositionally the building acts as double envelope. The idea was to create a building within a building, the inner structure connects on either end, while the central portion is enveloped by the larger, outer cube, literally sitting over the connections, and creating the larger common space within the building.