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Army Rowing Node, Pune



On this anonymous, unending water channel, which is the site, the buildings were miniscule and tiny. Each one, with its own relationship to the channel, they were all different, but they were still the same. The idea was generated, almost by an absence of context except that of water, of emptiness, of seeing and being seen. They are glass boxes framed in steel, hanging, and sometimes suspended. Sometimes we lifted the boxes up, sometimes the roofs flew, structure ties it all together, all of it a variation on a theme. The idea of the building is that of structure, of a sense of weight, and lightness and of grounding and lifting and color, and texture. The 2200m long channel was created first. The land was naturally sloping away from the two lakes that existed on the site and the channel therefore was created by digging the first half and then filling the sides as it reached the other end. The result was that the larger buildings were to be built almost at above 7 meters from the existing ground. This provided a unique opportunity to utilize the space, which in normal conditions would be filled up, and create additional programs within the Boat House and the Viewing Gallery structure. Overall, the Complex became difficult to conceive of as a single whole, mainly due the extreme distance between the individual buildings. From the Boat House to the Start Tower, the actual distance was about 2.2 km. It is for this reason that it was important to carry the common thread through within each building. The method of construction then became that common thread. And, structure and its detailing became the central framework around which each individual building was conceived.