KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

BG Terraces, Lucknow



In 2014, Lucknow was undergoing a massive change in it’s real estate and we were approached by one of our existing clients to build a residential complex on the outskirts of the city, catering a to a very different clientele. The idea was to make housing with a different typology, one that was evolved from traditional housing types in Lucknow, and not based on the stereotypical housing dominant all over the city in the form of X – BHK houses. We created a front for the complex, a colonnade which connected the complex to the street and behind the colonnade¬†we created 2 streets. More than 8 different configurations were designed in this small campus – with majority of the houses being multi-level from inside echoing the traditional house type. The project remains half-built till now due to lack of funds on part of the client.