KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

ICAT, Pune



The ICAT Library building was situated in the ARDE Campus, in an isolated space surrounded lush green trees and as such was an ideal location for the quiet space required by a library building. The ICAT building was designed as 2 separate volumes, the front building being the service / utility building with toilets, staff rooms, meeting rooms / and other services, while the rear block being the main library block. The design was simple. 2 blocks sliding past each other, connected by a bridge and a ramp. The internal circulation was dictated by the ramp and the blocks, independent of each other, were still integrally connected to each other by the bridge structure. The structural grid was expressed on the outside with clear glass infill walls – which created, more or less, a sense of being within nature, at the same time as being inside the building.