KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

Kalpataru Hospital, Lonvala



On a tight plot in the heart of Lonavala, we were commissioned to design a small hospital for a young local Doctor. The plot already contained a partly built house for whole family and the hospital was supposed to fit within the leftover space after construction of the house. A typical hospital plan would be organized around the circulation block in order to make the building efficient. In opposition to this, we took the opportunity to empty the central space and make it an atrium and also the central waiting space for OPD patients and also for relatives of patients undergoing surgery. The Plan is organized around this central space. The Atrium is a simple, clean space, which, originating from the extended canopy continues out onto a small garden behind to, in whatever small manner, alleviate the pain and anxiety the patient and the visitors are going through. The Atrium also allows for a seamless visual connectivity for the whole hospital, from the Operation Theater to the OPD and Consulting Rooms to even the Larger Patient Wards.