KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

MICS, Bhavnagar



Transparent Pavilion- The Office Building is designed as a pavilion in a garden. Flanked by a 14’-0” high brick wall on two sides, the building is positioned to create a courtyard towards the front, whereas the rear faces the factory and workshop areas. The building is to be experienced. It is not to see only – it is to live in. And to work in. To Experience time, daily and seasonal. The materials chosen are the most natural materials available and all of them weather differently. As the building ages, they too will change along with it. Another important aspect of the building was its relationship between the inside and the outside space. Transition from one to the other and the blurring of that edge was an important aspect of the design and it is only through that blurring that the final built-form achieves its pavilion like quality.