KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

Shergadh, Rajasthan



Presence in a Landscape. Taking a traditional plan, we modified it into a modern courtyard house, programmed for the needs of an urban family using it as a family home. Inspite of its re-organization, the house is designed out of the same traditional components found in a rural home. The syntax is the same, only the final language is new, albeit reminiscent of the old. The long covered pathway leading to the main entry will act as a processional corridor during weddings and other festivals. The courtyard now has direct access from the outside. The front block comprises of the Living Room and an upper bedroom accessed by an outside staircase. Across the courtyard are the private areas – the Kitchen, Store and the Main Bedroom. The front and back of the house are separated from each other and connected by a bridge above the courtyard.