KSA Architects and Planners Pvt Ltd

Summer Hills-Khosla House, Lonavala



In 2019, we were asked to renovate an existing 6,000 sq.ft house in Summer Hills, Lonavala. The Client had a few years back, bought the house from the original owner. The original design was a bastardised design with a Greek Pediment and a graceless colonnade at the front, and a strangely inefficient central circular staircase. We were tasked to change the look of the house and provide additional facilities for the family. We revamped the ground floor plan completely – made it open, but still divided into different types of living spaces. A new staircase was designed and most importantly, we were able to add a long recreational verandah at the top of the house – one which became the primary entertainment space and provided the most fantastic views of the opposite valley – a view that there was no way to enjoy in the earlier plan.