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Man shares a terribly complex relationship with his built form. To understand that, and to build upon it is the most profound acts of architecture. Of course there are diverse forces acting on each project, diverse requirements, needs and restrictions. How then to navigate and traverse amongst these and arrive to the most appropriate answer. If there is no one answer, then how can we, in one building or a project, provide for, at least, the possibilities for all different questions. NOIDA, Delhi is an urban farmland. A new world is being created there out of nothing. Cities, Places, are normally built over a period of time, out of people coming together, first to live and survive, then to work and thrive. Here, the process is being completely, utterly reversed. It is being built from scratch to finish, in one go. This is not building of a civilization, but importing of one. How then do we find the right things to do, the right buildings to built, the right forms to follow. The Existing, Designed IT blocks provide a basic context, and maybe the necessary restrictions. They also act as objects floating in space and they need to be grounded. The Ground Plane is carved out and a sunken court is created which now becomes the center. A center, which was already there but is now defined. It becomes the most usable and accessible of public spaces and also a space that is adaptable to many different uses. Everything emanates from it and everything is grounded by it. A connector is then introduced, one which hovers above the sunken court, and contains the most public functions within the complex. This zig-zag strip connects all the varied functions of the campus and becomes the ordering device, the movement system and also one from which all other programs emanate. It connects all the varied programs with each other and at the same time, in section, acts as a identifier for each of these programs.